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OIADA Used Car Dealerships In Ohio

OIADA Used Car Dealerships In Ohio

The Ohio Independent Auto Dealer’s Association (OIADA) is a Reynoldsburg based professional organization for used car dealers throughout Ohio.  Each and every member of the OIADA is sworn to abide by a code of ethics, as well as to improve the image of the profession through education and reliable service.  As a member of OIADA, Auto Budget Center in Bellevue is committed to providing an outstanding, trustworthy service for all Ohioans who require a quality vehicle at a great price.


Choosing to purchase a used car may seem like a difficult decision at first.  In truth, there are many possible pitfalls which exist that may lead to potential problems.  Yet almost all of these potential problems can be eliminated by shopping at a dependable car lot.  Fortunately, membership in the OIADA is evidence that a dealer upholds certain professional standards. Auto Budget Center, for example, has been a member for several years now.  The management and staff have benefited from the education provided by the association, helping them to give each customer the best service available in the industry.

So what can a customer be assured of after discovering a dealer is a member of the OIADA?  Well, for one, that the dealer will answer any questions posed in an honest, straightforward manner commensurate to the ethical requirements expected of all OIADA members.  Furthermore, customers can rest assured knowing that all transactions, paperwork, and financing applications will be processed and transmitted correctly and in a professional manner as required under state and Federal laws.  As a result, the buying process is less intimidating.

As a member of the OAIDA, a car dealer is provided a wealth of information and resources which not only allows for them to better understand their ethical and legal obligations, but also develop a set of best practices to ensure a satisfactory transaction each time that a customer purchases a vehicle.  For example, many video tutorials are available through the association’s website that cover various topics related to running an independent car dealership.  Subjects include labor laws, sales team practices, contracts, and warranties.  Auto Budget Center and other OAIDA members use these materials to learn how to more efficiently give customers only the best service possible by cutting needless costs and ensuring compliance to regulations and laws.  Furthermore, publications provided by the association have allowed for dealers to develop their own ideas for unique features and services beneficial to their customer base.

Walking the straight and narrow line is something which every dealer must do in order to effectively build a reputation for treating people well.  Since 1988, Auto Budget Center has been serving customers in Bellevue and throughout the area.  Using tips and information gleaned from the professional materials provided by the OIADA, the dealership developed some of the most innovative customer centric policies possible, including placing emphasis on satisfaction and professional service above simple profit gain.  As a result, the number of customers continues to grow at a healthy pace, as more and more people learn what true service is all about.

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